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Q: How many lumens are the lights?

A: Each 50w light is 5000 Lumens.

Q: What do you use to power the lights?

A: The lights must be run on a 12v DC battery. We have Duracell batteries available for purchase. These are what we use for wading, and they provide better performance than a standard deer feeder battery from a sporting goods store. 

Q: How long will a battery last while using the lights?

A: With the 50w light, a standard 12v battery will last up to 4 hours.

Q: Why are they underwater use only?

A: The LED emits heat during use, which can be damaging to the LED chip if it isn't properly dissipated. Our slim aluminum housing is completely effective at dissipating heat when used underwater. When used above water, some heat accumulates over time, which can damage the LED chip.  

Q: How long can the light be out of water?

A: No longer than 5 minutes

Q: Where are the Lights made?

A: The lights are hand made locally in Galveston, TX.